About Schooglink

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Schooglink is a startup founded in August 2016 by IIT Kanpur Alumni with a vision towards providing affordable quality education using technology as scale to the 85% rural belts of India using a unique hybrid online-offline smart class room model. It is important to note that 85% of the 1.5 Million schools in India lie in rural belts and 90% of the 265 Million school going (K-12) students go to various State Boards.

Schooglink has built a hybrid model consisting of an online platform to improve learning outcomes and an off-line foot-on-the-ground smart class room network to assist rural students to use these technologies. Focusing on Class VII to XII curriculum of CBSE, NCERT and various State Boards through its smart class room Centres, Schooglink has been able to replace the traditional tuition centre model that most rely on. Technology-enabled classrooms and teaching assistants deployed at the grassroots level aim to significantly improve learning outcomes of the students in various States. Our team tours rural blocks to educate students on the benefits of using technology and hybrid solutions like Schooglink Grassroots to improve their quality of education within their socio-economic limitations.

Schooglink Grassroots Centres are spread across the States of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. The team aims to open up 5000 such Centres across Bharat in the next five years.

The smart class model has also been deployed in close to 100 schools across four States so far. The implementation in the Anuppur District in Madhya Pradesh was nominated for the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Public Administration 2020 under the Innovation (General) category and stood amongst the final four out of 958 nominations from 702 districts.

Schooglink's vernacular App, "PATHYACHARYA", is another successful offering that provides vernacular content to the students from Kindergarten to Grade XII and is very popular among the State Board students.